[singleimage image=”83″ title=”Stefania” float=”right” size=”2″ zoom=”false”]Stefania is a Personal Chef from Treviso. She is the leader of a team of 3 girls called “Forchette Piccanti” (spicy forks) who are having fun cooking in other people’s houses. They prepare lunches and dinner for small groups and also for big events such us weddings.

Stefania’s secret is to create dishes which are at the same time delicious and easy to prepare, mixing up smiles, fantasy and, nevertheless..some good wine!  

It is possible to have a look on the way Stefania and her team are working by clicking on their website (www.forchettepiccanti.com) where you can download all the recipes with illustrations and see some fun pictures of their events.

We are so excited Stefania accepted to cooperate with us by sending her illustrated recipes personally created for le Barbatelle. 

With these recipes you can surprise your guests with some excellent tasty dish based on Prosecco or other wines from our offer.

Stefania and Le Barbatelle wish you a nice cooking experience!!!

[singleimage image=”135″ float=”left” size=”1″ zoom=”false”] Prosecco Chicken Breast


[singleimage image=”91″ float=”left” size=”1″ zoom=”false”]Risotto Prosecco and Strawberries


Spaghetti Prosecco


Prosecco Jelly